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About Us

T3 Trading Group, LLC is a registered SEC broker-dealer and member of the NASDAQ PHLX. We strive to be a complete destination for traders looking to maximize their performance in today's financial markets. Our goal is to help traders prosper by providing elite training, first-rate technology and highly professional, value-added environment. As a seasoned professional trading team with experience in all different market cycles, our firm provides support and guidance to all the members of its trading desk.

Our Leadership

Our hands-on leadership team has a proven track record of success in the volatile markets of the past two decades. T3's partners are experts in both discretionary and automated trading strategies. Their vision is that to make a trading firm successful, you have to find the best talent, develop and train them in your craft, and then give them the tools and technology to succeed in these dynamic markets.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a trader not only has to possess the right instincts, but be engaged in the right environment to be successful. We are seeking colleagues with an entrepreneurial spirit. Above all else, we value ambition, innovation and a strong work ethic. In return, our traders know they can depend on us to provide speedy and reliable execution through our cutting-edge technology and capable support staff. We also offer a professional work environment, where you can benefit from trading alongside seasoned traders with extensive experience trading equities and options.

The T3 Advantage

Our competitive advantage is our ability to: Educate, develop and guide both new and experienced members of our team using our decades of experience in almost all market cycles.

  • Competitive cost and fee structures using our vast economies of scale
  • Access to firm capital grow and develop profitable strategies
  • State of the art technology and facilities
  • World class tech support, connectivity and low latency solutions
  • Sophisticated in-house development risk management and reporting systems

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