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T3 Trading Group, LLC is a Proprietary Trading market leader in trading technology, providing efficient and reliable low latency connections to third party trading platforms while providing full service and support for the development of proprietary algorithmic trading strategies. Our front-end trading platforms offer us direct access to fit whatever trading you need to deploy for both traditional and automated trading applications.

Benefit from Our Algorithmic Trading Console

With our T3 Algorithmic Trading Platform, you get:

  • Competitive cost and fee structures using our vast economies of scale
  • Access to firm capital grow and develop profitable strategies
  • State of the art technology and facilities
  • World class tech support, connectivity and low latency solutions
  • Sophisticated in-house development risk management and reporting systems

Mitigate Risk with our Sophisticated management tools

Take advantage of our proprietary real-time position management software that was built in-house. Our identifiers are triggered when Traders exceed a variety of user-specified limits such as position size, max loss and exposure. Easily utilize our secure risk tools by accessing them via VPN.

Be More Informed With Our Advanced In-House Compliance Reporting

We provide a fully customized exception-reporting infrastructure. With our technology you can perform a complete suite of broker-dealer exception searches, finding exceptions such as mis-marked orders, low volume stock trading, locate exceptions, marking the close, and wash sales. Because our software is totally proprietary, you can add new platforms and criteria as needed.

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