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A globally recognized destination for extraordinary talent, T3 Trading Group, LLC offers an environment of success with support and guidance from professionals who have a vested interest in long term profitability, whether you are a traditional or an algorithmic Trader.

To be a successful trader, you need to be surrounded by successful Traders. Our team has vast expertise in almost all market cycles. We've seen bull markets and bear markets, market booms and busts. In order to achieve consistent profitability, your trading strategies need to adjust and evolve based on today's market conditions, whatever they may be.

Risk Management

We believe that properly judging and evaluating risk is the most important and misunderstood concept in today's trading markets. T3 Trading Group, LLC uses its sophisticated risk management systems to help their Traders limit drawdowns and achieve long term consistency.

PnL Analysis

Proper analyzing of profit and loss statement can identify when changes need to be made to a Trader's execution strategy. We employ PnL analysis tools that show you what times of day are best of your trading and equities you should avoid based on your historical data. You can evaluate your performance and make the necessary adjustments to your strategy.


T3 is headquartered at a state of the art facility in Manhattan's financial district overlooking the New York Harbor. Use our trading technology from a remote location anywhere in the country or at one of our T3 Branch Offices.

Registration & License Requirements

All Proprietary Traders must be registered with T3 and are required to obtain either the Series 57 (Limited-Proprietary Trader). Series 7 can only be used if it is already established and current (General Securities Representative). T3 will sponsor individuals for the exams. For more information on the registration process, please contact [email protected]

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