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While some believe that the best traders are a product of nature versus nurture, at T3 Trading Group, LLC we ask: "Is it too much to ask for both?"

To keep up with today's fast-evolving market, you must forever be a student and take advantage of the tools and talent pool available. Our Platinum Development Program ("PDP") is one of several training platforms we employ and is designed to teach the skills necessary to become a successful and consistently profitable Trader. We train and mentor Traders how to develop an edge in the market so that you can put your money to work with confidence. The PDP approach includes a mix of trading, training, and technology to help you learn to recognize, adapt, and ultimately take advantage of different market conditions.

Some of the Trading Topics Include

  • The Five Factors of Trading
  • Cycle of Stocks Movement
  • Trends and Time Frame Alignment
  • Relative Strength and Weakness
  • Understanding Algorithms and HFT
  • Candlestick Analysis and Chart Patterns
  • Contrarian Trading and the Tier System
  • Stock Selection and Game Planning Process
  • Money Management
  • Trading Psychology

Our training programs are run by T3 Members and involve real market participation. T3 offers structured programs utilizing our state of the art facilities. T3 Partners Marc Sperling, Sean Hendelman, and Scott Redler have been guest lecturers in addition to other T3 Traders.

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