Active Retail Trading with T3

What do you get from T3 Trading’s active retail platform?

In one word, Choice.

Choice in Access

Trade where you want, when you want. Access mobile, web or desktop trading software with a single login.

Choice in Routing

Want low cost or zero pass-thru routes? Trade on Exchanges, use algos or smart order routers? You trade how you want, with straightforward pricing that is based on the routes you choose, not your broker.

Choose Professional Grade Support

You get the same team that supports our current proprietary traders, many of whom have been trading for over 10 years. T3 is one of the largest proprietary trading firms in the country and our expertise goes to work for you.

Plus, you get live support and market access from 4 am - 7 pm ET.

Choose Greater Leverage

Larger traders may increase their buying power through Portfolio Margin, which gives you more buying power to execute your strategies.

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