Affiliated Entities

T3 Trading Group, LLC is a subsidiary of its holding company, T3 Companies, LLC (“T3 Companies”). T3 Companies is the Managing Member and holding company of other affiliates including T3 Global Group, LLC, T3 Professional, LLC, T3 Technologies, LLC and T3 Live, LLC. T3 affiliates provide distinct sets of complimentary services, built around its core strengths, the 3 “T’s”, Trading, Training and Technology.

The above-mentioned entities are separate but affiliated through common ownership. T3 Trading Group, LLC is a broker-dealer, whereas the other affiliated entities, despite their affiliation, are not broker-dealers.

T3 Live, LLC is a financial publisher that disseminates information about economic, business, and capital markets issues through various media. The programs that T3 Live distributes (including the “Virtual Trading Floor®,” articles, commentary, videos, blogs and social media postings) are for informational and educational purposes only. T3 Live is not a broker-dealer, investment adviser or similar entity.

T3 Global Group, LLC is a comprehensive destination for institutional traders and trading teams that aim to optimize their performance in the financial markets. Its proprietary traders control their own strategy and dictate the direction of their trading. T3 Global Group’s dedication lies in offering professional traders a top-tier setup within a professional setting. T3 Global offers Futures, Equities, Options, and Crypto trading.

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