2024 Annual Compliance Meeting


To complete this year's Annual Compliance Meeting, follow the instructions below.

1. Watch the entire video below and pay close attention to the content.
2. Make sure you understand the information being presented.
3. At the end of the video, click on the screen when it displays image to the right.
4. Follow the DocuSign instructions using your T3 email address.
5. Sign the Attestation to confirm your participation.
Viewing and signing are mandatory to complete this regulatory requirement.


* Although T3 Trading has taken great care in preparing this Annual Compliance Meeting presentation, the topics presented regarding industry laws and rules are generalized summaries and should not be relied upon as complete statements of all applicable requirements.
If you have any questions about the information in this presentation or any other compliance question, contact us by sending an email to compliance@t3trading.com.

Thank you for being a part of T3 Trading Group.