Lightspeed Layout Instructions

Opening & Loading the Layout

If you have received a layout follow the steps below:

  1. Download the file onto your computer (most likely will go to your “downloads” folder)
  2. Log into your Lightspeed account (demo or live)
  3. Within Lightspeed, go to the main toolbar and click the “Layout” tab > Click “Open saved layout”
  4. Open the layout file from your computer’s files (this should load the layout on Lightspeed)

    Saving the Layout

    Once you have spent some time building out and customizing your own layout, you’ll want to save this for yourself as well as create backup files.

    To do this:

    1. Go back to the main toolbar within Lightspeed
    2. Go to the “Layout” tab and hit “Save layout as”
    3. Make sure to save the file to multiple locations on your computer (such as your desktop and/or documents)
    4. Send yourself an email with the file attached in case you choose to work from a station away from home

      Exiting & Closing Lightspeed

      To properly close Lightspeed:

      1. Hit the “X” on the right side main toolbar in Lightspeed, located next to the settings gear and time clock
      2. You’ll be prompted with a closeout box including a section to “Save All Changes” (make sure this section is checked off)
      3. MAKE SURE TO WAIT until the “Loading…” screen is fully gone before shutting down your machine
      4. This will save your layout to the Lightspeed servers, meaning next time you log into Lightspeed, the layout should be how you left it, even if you’re logging in on a different computer

      If the layout does not load the same… that is why you created backup files for yourself to load!