Pricing Guide for Retail Customers

Effective September 1, 2023

Commission Fees

Rates are negotiable based on several factors, including but not limited to volume, trading style, and risk parameters. For more information call 646-845-4276 or your account manager.

Description Fee
Stocks Per share
Options Per contract
Futures Per contract

Routing Execution

Access to major US based exchanges, ECNs, ATS, Dark Pool, and single market maker routes as well as a suite of algo and SOR functionality.


Stock Borrow Fees

T3 may impose Stock Loan or Stock Locate fees if your account holds open orders or short positions for certain securities, regardless of how they were initiated (e.g., short selling, option exercise or assignment, account transfer, or otherwise).


Margin Information

T3 offers 4x intraday and 2x overnight buying power with a margin account.* Margin rates begin at Overnight Bank Funding Rate +350 bps annualized.

* Accounts with a balance over $500k may be eligible for Portfolio Margin subject to compliance and clearing firm approval.

Potential Market Data Fees

Customers will be provided with a link to select Sterling market data. The following rates will apply and be directly debited from the brokerage account per month if selected:

Description Fee
NON-PRO NSDQ, AMEX, NYSE Level 1 $7.00 each
AMEX PRO $42.00
ARCA PRO $80.00
NSDQ PRO $165.00
NYSE PRO $65.00
Imbalance Data ARCA, NSDQ, NYSE $30.00 each
BATS Book $70.00
CBOE MDX Indices $15.00
CME Access Fee $95.00
Dow Jones $40.00
EDGA Book $28.00
EDGX Book $60.00
NYMEX Futures $100.00
OPRA $60.00
Basic News $55.00

Platform Fees

Description Fee
Sterling Trader Pro Desktop $250.00
Sterling Trader Pro Web/Mobile* $110.00
Sterling Trader Options Module* $110.00

* Available as add-ons to Sterling Trader Pro Desktop.

Other Relevant Fees

Description Fee Charged By
Withdraw via Wire Transfer $25 per Withdrawal Velocity (Clearing Firm)