Traders Referral Program

Get Paid by referring your friends to T3 Trading Group

Our current traders know us best and who better to recommend new traders than you, the trader. We are pleased to announce the T3 Traders Referral Program (TRP). Earn cash based on the successful introduction of new traders to our community.

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What is the T3 Traders Referral Program (TRP)?

Ability for current, active, and in good standing1 traders to refer new traders into our community.

What is the Cash incentive?

$500 for any new trader2, upon the successful onboarding, funding, and completing 1 month of trading. Additional $500 bonus will be paid after the trader has been live, remains actively trading, and in good standing for 1 year3.

How is the cash paid to me?

Cash will be paid in the form of a capital account credit4.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals a trader can make?

Nope. Your contacts, social media circle, and the ability to find the right trader are the only limitations.

What about retail accounts? Is there a referral for accounts that open up as retail and not prop?

Yes. Same parameters will apply5.

How do I start referring?

Talk to your Class B, add your referral’s name below, or have them sign up here and mention you. Your Class B will track and update as the referral is processed.

1 no open compliance or regulatory items, account not showing a negative capital balance nor any existing trading restrictions.

2 not currently live, previously registered, or with an application in process with T3.

3 at the sole discretion of T3. Generally live means executing on average 10 trades monthly over the course of the year, the account not showing a capital deficit nor on any restrictions. Additionally, referring traders must have an active registration to receive referral payment.

4 at the sole discretion of T3 risk, compliance and management based on all criteria being met for the new trader.

5 for both retail and prop trading accounts, the trader is only making a referral to T3 and can not solicit business directly for a new potential account. Traders are not marketing or selling any T3 services but sending the contact to T3. All marketing and direct communication about T3 services and business will be handled by a T3 employee that is properly registered and authorized to do so.

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