How much can you save on Execution Costs with T3TG’s DVP Program?

Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) is a process that involves the delivery of executed securities overnight in exchange for the receipt of the stipulated commission amount. 

T3 Trading DVP Process

  1. Open a basic DVP Account with T3 Trading Group, LLC. (No Capital Deposit Required)
  1. Execute trades of choice using our Sterling Pro execution software.
  1. Receive securities/funds overnight via electronic delivery to your Prime Broker account.


Advantages of T3 Trading DVP

- Zero software or miscellaneous fees.

- Lower commissions than Prime Brokers.

- Direct Access executions on one of the most widely used professional trading platforms in the industry, Sterling Pro.

- Access to Dark Pools, Mid-Points and other inclusive execution routes for potential increased dollar savings.

- 100% discretion on DVP trade executions, with no volume requirements.

- Experienced staff to handle any request or needs.

- Led by David Flynn and Ted DeGiacomo, each with 20+ years of Direct Access Trading.

Example: 10,000,000 Shares Traded

Current Commission Savings with T3 DVP
$0.01/share $30,000
$0.015/share $80,000
$0.02/share $130,000
$0.025/share $180,000
$0.03/share $230,000


DVP Client Testimonials

A few words from T3TG's current DVP Clients

Tim | New York

There are three main reasons I use T3 for my large stock orders:

1. I save money on commissions vs my Prime Broker.

2. The dark routes enable me to acquire large amounts of stock with little to no stock price impact.

3. The midpoint route allows me to get price improvement on every order.

Chris | Connecticut

I’m not sure what puts more money in my pocket??? The price improvement I get using the dark routes OR the commission savings I get bypassing my Prime broker on a portion of my orders 🙂

Ray | New York

The staff is friendly and on top of their game. Someone is always there to pick up the phone or to answer an email. I’ve been using T3’s DVP services for about 7 years now and am very happy with the savings. Thank you!!

Testimonials Disclosure

*The preceding testimonials are made by current DVP traders of T3 Trading Group, LLC. The experience of these individuals may not be representative of the experience of other traders, like yourself. In addition, the aforementioned testimonials do not guarantee future success by using such services. No consideration was paid to the individuals that submitted these testimonials.

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