Why Trade with T3?

Our firm was founded for traders, by traders, and our management team is staffed with experienced industry experts.

We offer industry leading buying power, a cutting-edge tech infrastructure, and access to extensive training, plus sponsorship for licensing exams.

Qualified traders receive $5,285 in bonuses.

Our Trading Offering

We offer Multiple Asset Classes and both Manual and Automated Trading:


T3 uses multiple clearing firms including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Electronic Transaction Corporation (ETC) – Catering to Active, Professional and Proprietary Traders – Competitive Fees and Cost Structures

T3 offers smart order routing through Clearpool Technologies

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Equity options trading is available for both Hedging Strategies and Speculation. We Allow Multiple Legs and Spread Trading (with Compliance and Risk Approval).

T3 employs smart order routing through Dash Technologies.

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T3 offers a variety of services that cater to both experienced traders and beginners through competitive profit splits, transparent cost structures, financial backing, flexible work environment, and education.

Contact us to Learn More or Contribute to our Futures Trading Team

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T3 offers API Access to multiple platforms through Instinet and co-location in various data centers (Carteret, Great River etc). We have decades of Black Box and Automated Trading Experience..

T3 offers Reduced Pricing on Non-Display Market Data

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Register at the Bottom of This Page and Get These Major Bonuses

Joining a community of successful traders can accelerate your progress.

That's why you get over $5,000 in bonuses from our education affiliate T3 Live* upon joining the firm as a trader.

Here’s what’s included:

($1,295/Year Value) Redler All-Access Newsletter: Receive T3 Live Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler’s morning game plan straight to your inbox, plus daily videos and an exclusive private Twitter feed.

($1,995/Year Value) Trader Hub Virtual Trading Floor® Access: Get live streaming video, chat, and audio from professional traders Scott Redler and Daniel Darrow. See exactly what they’re trading in real time, and why.

($1,995/Year Value) Pro Desk Virtual Trading Floor® Access: Join veteran trader Derrick Oldensmith’s international community of up-and-coming traders. Ask Derrick questions about stocks, ETF’s, and trading strategies as the action breaks so you get better, faster.

Total Value of $5,285

This package was designed to put you on track towards becoming a consistently profitable trader

Flexible Funding & Commission Structures

Traders are required to make a capital contribution to open an account.

But every applicant is different.

So get in touch for a friendly consultation.

We'll design a capital contribution and commission structure tailored to your needs.

Cutting Edge Infrastructure for Equities, Options, and Futures Traders

T3 traders get direct remote access to exchanges, ECMs, and dark pools with ultra low latency.

We offer clearing arrangements with industry leading firms like ICBC, ETC, and ED&F Man.

You can also take advantage of our advanced algorithmic trading capabilities, including API access to multiple platforms and co-location in major data centers.

Our team has decades of experience in creating customized tech stacks for equities, options, and futures traders, and we’ll work with you to optimize your setup.

Support You Can Count On

Have a question about buying power, trading technology, or your account?

Don’t worry -- you are always one call away from a personal representative that knows you and your trading history.

Your rep is a fully licensed industry specialist so you get answers now, when you need them.

Industry Leading Buying Power

No profitable trader should be held back because of a lack of capital.

So we’ll be there to give you the buying power you need as you move up the ladder.

As you succeed, you can scale up to multiply your returns, (subject to risk management approval, of course).

Extensive Training Available

We offer access to actionable training programs covering technical analysis, order execution, and market operations across multiple asset classes.

Choose between various classes and mentorship opportunities to get you started on the right foot.

We also sponsor new traders for the SIE Exam and Series 57 Top Off.

Please note: All FINRA sponsorship and registration requires background checks, fingerprints, proof of address along with compliance and business approval. We are only able to register residents of the United States and persons authorized to work in the US. We may accept OPT and / or F1 visas. Enter your information below to get connected with a T3 representative.

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